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Time is our most precious resource and I thank you for allowing me to get a few minutes of your time each week. I hope you find the blog helpful and informative. Send me an email if there is ever a topic you would be interested in learning more about. I will research it and write a future blog about it.

How Long Do Bear Markets Last? Thumbnail

How Long Do Bear Markets Last?

Since 1948, there have been 10 Bear markets U.S. excluding the one we are in right now. The average number of years from the peak of the Bear market to the recovery, meaning the time it took for the S&P 500 to climb back to its previous highs was 3.9 years and the median/midpoint was 2.7 years. On five of those occasions, the market recovered in 2 years or less! In other words, market downturns feel much longer than they actually are.

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10 Action Items For A Great Retirement Thumbnail

10 Action Items For A Great Retirement

There are obvious benefits for every person to have an identity in life. By knowing your identity you are not only able to accomplish your goals, but you also have a sense of wholeness. This remains true during your retirement years when your career is no longer your identity. By knowing who you are and what you want to accomplish in life, you'll gain a sense of confidence and pride and your life will be more meaningful and fulfilled. Let's discuss a few ways to discover your new identity in retirement.

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So I ditched my smartphone for 30 days... Thumbnail

So I ditched my smartphone for 30 days...

You read that title right. I'm the proud owner of new LG Exalt LTE Flip Phone. (Think Motorola Razr except not as cool.) I had considered ditching my smartphone for a while, but I could never pull the trigger because, frankly, I was addicted to the damn thing. I couldn't go 30 seconds without looking at it!

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