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What's your plan to double your income during retirement?

What We Do:

If you're interested in "beating the market" or finding the next "hot stock" we can't help you. That's not what we do. No reason to read any further.

Our mission is to make sure you never run out of money in retirement while paying as little income tax as legally possible.

We create a plan that ensures the income you need in the early years of retirement is safe and not subject to temporary market fluctuations, while at the same time investing the money you'll need in the later years of retirement so that you receive the permanent market returns necessary to provide an income that increases and outpaces inflation.

We work with electric cooperative retirees that are interested in the options outside of what their cooperative/NRECA offers.

Your cooperative/NRECA may offer great retirement benefits. What they don't offer you is a plan on how to maximize those benefits based on your unique retirement goals. That's what we do.

How can we help you?

Click Here to schedule your retirement consultation

The consultation is free and without obligation.