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Are you retirement ready?

Have you saved enough money between your NRECA R&S Plan, your NRECA 401k and other retirement accounts to retire and stay retired? Are you retirement ready?

Remember that retirement from your electric cooperative is not so much about age or years of service as it is about do you currently have enough money to sustain your current lifestyle in retirement?

The age of 62 isn’t some magical age. We've helped co-op employees retire as early as age 53. We’ve helped co-op employees retire at 62 that had enough saved at 55 to retire but they didn’t know that. 

If you want to find out the dollar amount you need to retire and stay retired we can help you calculate that number. It’s a much less complicated conversation than many people realize. 

Once you have that number then you have something to strive for and a goal to hit. Then it’s much easier to formulate your retirement plan. 

You might also find out that you can retire right now if you choose.

If you want help calculating your personal retirement number we do that for free with zero obligation on your part.

Enter your contact info below and we will be in touch with you asap.

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